KURI BOWL in slate black


The Kuri stoneware collection is made using the traditional Japanese craft of Kurinuki, where designs are created through spontaneity. This process is a way to make the stoneware “Come alive”!

The Kurinuki technique begins with a rough lump of clay and using hands a simple carving tools the basic shape is created and the item is finished by adding the texture and the final stem is glazing.

The Kuri bowl offers both practicality and aesthetics with its unique shape and texture. We love adding dark accents to a light interior to create contrast in the colour scheme.

 Use the Kuri bowl in your kitchen or dining table to display fruits as it is suited for food or use in your living room as a unique display bowl.

  • Colour: Slate black
  • Size: H12cm, Ø 25cm
  • Material: Ceramic


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