Meet The Designer, Carli Robinson. Disa Lifestyle Founder.

Meet The Designer: Carli Robinson

Carli Robinson has made her name in the design world by creating interiors that are elegant, timeless, and infused with creativity and passion. With an extraordinary eye for detail, her designs are warm, classic, and inviting - an aesthetic that’s reflected in her stunning portfolio of light-filled, luxurious and spacious feeling property projects.

Talented, friendly, and approachable, Carli is committed to achieving beautiful interiors for her clients and puts their dreams and desires at the heart of every project. But beyond working with private clients, her new and thoughtfully curated product collection is a brand-new way of expressing her creativity and design expertise; turning her ideas into reality with products you can touch, feel and place in your home. Launched in March 2021, the carefully considered collection is made up of beautiful furnishings and statement pieces to create spaces that are distinctive, stylish, and entirely unique.

Beautiful Beginnings

Established in 1985, Carli’s family business set the tone for her ongoing love of beautiful interiors and breathtaking furnishings. Initially specialising in small scale architectural models for the hospitality sector, the business soon evolved into producing once-off pieces and bespoke furniture, lighting and sculptures for luxury hotels and resorts around the world.

This background - rooted in art, architecture, and interior design - formed the perfect foundation for Carli to found Disa Interiors; an interior design company that creates elegant, unique interiors for high-end private clients in the commercial and residential sectors. Carli is the driving force behind the company, and her way of approaching each project offers a rare mix of incredible design talent and practical, hands-on experience. This special combination of both style and skill has allowed her to work on an extensive portfolio of projects, including private homes, luxury hotels and superyachts.

Signature Style

Carli’s signature style is built upon two words: ‘Elegant’ and ‘Timeless’. Her architectural influences come through in her simple and functional designs, and her years of experience in the luxury hotel sector are echoed in her classic approach to luxury living. She creates liveable yet innovative spaces that introduce elegance to homes in pursuit of timeless style.

Driven by the simple belief that thoughtful interior design should reflect your personal story and the things you love, she works collaboratively with clients, artists, architects, and craftspeople to create warm environments that make people feel good. 

Exquisite details, innovative style, and spaces infused with a classic beauty; these are the hallmarks of the Carli Robinson touch. 

Curated Collections

Working on only a handful of interior design projects at a time, Carli often gets enquiries about where she sources the stunning furnishings and home accessories for her private clients. Disa Lifestyle, her newly launched home and lifestyle brand, was a natural response to this increasing demand. With a focus on brilliant pieces that can’t be found elsewhere, Carli is thrilled to be bringing something new and innovative to the table with this carefully considered collection. 

The debut collection embodies Carli’s signature style. With an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, Disa Lifestyle showcases the simple and timeless aesthetic that Carli champions. Featuring a hand-picked selection of art, lighting, furniture and accessories, each piece embodies her never-ending search for the extraordinary and the beautiful.

Carli continues to take a central role within the company, working tirelessly to bring an expertly curated mix of style to the collection - designing and sourcing high quality products for those who wish to bring the signature Carli Robinson elegance into their homes.

These products are an extension of her signature style, and the collection is built on her philosophy that the things you surround yourself with become a part of your story. Carli’s passion for beautiful things shines through with each carefully considered product, as does her drive to surpass her customer’s expectations with these beautifully unique pieces. The goal for her new collection is to provide something truly special for the home, to give each room its own personal stamp, and to bring happiness to the lives of others through her products.



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