How To Make Your Home Both Pretty & Practical

How To Make Your Home Both Pretty & Practical
Your home is a space where you should be able to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy everything you put in it. But how can you create an aesthetically pleasing space while also catering to the practicalities of day-to-day life? (Especially if you have kids or a dog!). If you feel uncomfortable lounging in the living room with your feet up for fear of making a mess - you might want to consider ways you can make your interior more practical.

Luckily, you CAN have the best of both worlds. There are so many ways you can create and maintain a beautiful interior without being nervous of muddy paws or sticky hands staining your carpets, curtains, sofas and countertops. 

Here are 7 ways you can keep your home looking beautiful, while still being able to relax and enjoy your space:

  1. Spill-Proof Your Kitchen
    Opt for a quartz kitchen countertop rather than marble. Quartz is hard, stain resistant and comes in a wide range of beautiful patterns and finishes - so you’re bound to find a style that suits you! 

  2. Choose Durable Fabrics
    When it comes to choosing a fabric for your furniture, choose one that has a higher rubbing test result (the higher the result, the more durable your fabric will be). You should choose a fabric that’s easy to clean in case of a stain appearing, but you could also consider using a fabric sealer that repels moisture in the event of a spill occurring.

  3. Find The Right Rug
    Opt for a washable rug that still offers that soft underfoot feel. Or choose a colour or pattern where a stain wouldn’t be that noticeable.

  4. Darker Decor 
    As much as I love a light colour, it’s useful to add darker colours to items that are going to be handled regularly. For example, I add darker face towels to my bathrooms to encourage guests to use when removing their makeup.

  5. Dining Chairs
    Dining chairs are some of the most vulnerable pieces of furniture in your home - ready for little hands to be wiped on during mealtimes. Fortunately, there are some beautiful faux leather and sealed wood options that are easy to clean, so dinner doesn’t have to be an intense affair.

  6. Fade-Resistant Fibers
    While natural fabrics may be beautiful, natural fibers fade easily in the sun. So, when you’re choosing your upholstery for your curtains, opt for materials that replicate natural fabrics without the downside of fading and staining.

  7. Functional Furniture
    Your furniture can be just as practical as it is beautiful if you buy the right pieces. Choose functional items like breakfast bar chairs that can be tucked away, or ottomans that can act as both a footrest, storage solution, and surface to display a stylish tray of items like books, candles and flowers.

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