5 Steps To Help You Choose The Right Colour Scheme For Your Space

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5 Steps To Help You Choose The Right Colour Scheme For Your Space

Colour can completely transform a room. But selecting the right colour scheme for your space can often be a challenge. 

Colour is personal, and choosing a colour scheme that represents your style, personality and lifestyle is one of the most important things when decorating your home. So, the best time to start planning is right at the beginning - when you have a completely blank canvas.

Below are 5 steps that will help you choose an interior colour scheme you love, while enhancing the overall look of your space:

  1. Decide On Your Style
    The most important thing when choosing a colour scheme is to find one that feels right to you and reflects your personal style. So, search for inspiration. Whether you’re drawn towards a modern farmhouse look, or if minimal and contemporary is more your style - decide the kind of look and style you want to achieve and go from there. Understanding your personal style will help you get an overall idea of the colours you might want to add to your decor. 

  2. Start With A Neutral Base
    Start your colour search with the largest surfaces. For elements like furniture and paint colours - opt for neutral palettes. This will help you choose the kind of colour scheme that might work best, while also giving you options when it comes to adding accessories. Grounding the room with neutrals means you can add colourful patterns and textures with pillows, throws and rugs.

  3. Collect Samples
    Collect samples of paint, upholstery, wallpaper, and carpets and place them all together on a white background to test whether different textures and colours work together. There’s nothing worse than spending lots of money, only to discover your colours and textures don’t work together! The small investment of ordering a sample pot could save you a lot of cost in the long run.
    Make sure to test your paint samples on different walls before fully committing and notice how the light affects them. The same paint often looks completely different in different areas depending on the light, so experiment with how natural light or lamplight affects the colours on your walls, furniture, and fabrics.
    And try not to rely on the colour you see on your phone or computer screen. Colours appear differently on different devices, so they’re not a reliable source for envisioning the finished outcome in real life.

  4. Think About Scale
    Often, a small and detailed pattern sample can look amazing - but when applied to a large pair of curtains it can be too overwhelming. That’s why you should always imagine what a small sample will look like on a larger scale. Bold patterns can be great to use - but in moderation. So be careful not to over-mix them or they’ll begin to compete with each other.

  5. Explore Different Shades
    There are plenty of ways to add a splash of colour to your home. Bring some colour to your space with rugs, lamps, throws, flowers and artwork. You could also experiment layering different textures of the same colour to add dimension.

    But be careful not to overdo it! It’s easy to say orange is your favourite colour and proceed to buying every orange accessory you can find. But unless it’s done correctly, this might not be the ideal look for your interiors. Rather than scattering bright orange items round the room, explore a toned-down version of the colour. For example, a burnt orange colour works wonderfully with neutral warm tones. 

    In general, you should choose either a warm or cool tone for the whole space (It’s difficult to combine both warm and cool tones and make a space look great!).

  6. Emotion
    Lastly, keep in mind the emotional effect colour has on you, and how a space makes you feel. Colour sets the tone, and it can affect our mood. Some colours have an energising effect, so this might not be the best option for a bedroom where you wind down in the evenings to rest. Whereas a calming colour palette will set you up for a great night’s sleep.

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